Disability Dispatches During a Pandemic, and Musings From a Susan
Lady Godiva Was A Freedom Rider

Wherein I Tell You About Myself

I’m Susan. I live now in a place called Halfmoon Bay, and the life I’m living here is nothing I’d ever have imagined for myself. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. I wasn’t designed to live with love, very infrequent yelling, and a garden where we have room to grow *two* different types of radishes. A little family of two peas in a pod who made room for a third… pea? No, maybe a runner bean. We’ll determine which kind of vegetable I am at a later date. “The child is likely to never walk or attend school.” Disabled kids who fail to thrive in abusive homes don’t often grow up to one day live in places with pretty names like Halfmoon Bay, to live with love. It wasn’t supposed to happen like this. But here I am, here we are, shall I tell you all about it? We’ll talk it over.